Josh Levario is a badass real estate agent and paid commission artist doing his thing at the wise young age of 24.

In this episode, Josh gets into how he became an artist, the first time he got (as well as drew!) a tattoo, how he’s creating a mural in AZ’s home, what it was like starting out in real estate at age 19, and how his business is growing leaps and bounds.

“This is not about posturing. This is about real life, real people, and real estate.” — AZ

Topic #1: Where A Great Lesson Turns Into A New Procedure

  • Josh walks us through the early days of becoming a talented tattoo artist, including when he first got started, who his first client was, and the biggest mistake he made on the job.
  • AZ commends Josh for doing so much even beyond real estate, noting how this has already been his most successful year by far.
  • AZ mentions how important it is to have and own up to other passions beyond just real estate, and how that can lead you to success.

“Everything’s about the reps and everything’s about the lessons.” — AZ

Topic #2: Being Yourself So You Can Grow Your Business

  • Josh talks about when his business really started taking off, and how being his true self was really the catalyst behind that success.
  • Josh and AZ call out how passions are the fuel you need to get up and do your job at a high level over and over again, and how profession + passion = profits.
  • Josh recounts getting into the real estate game at 19 and how he found himself here by way of his early passion for reading.

“You’re beyond just real estate, and that’s what makes you a badass agent.” — AZ

Topic #3: The Importance of Not Caring What Anyone Else Thinks

  • AZ asks Josh about a situation working with an investor in year one where he almost quit.
  • Josh describes how important it is to trust yourself and to not care what anyone else is going to think on the other side of a transaction.
  • AZ and Josh close out the show by reminding us all how we should always reconsider doing what others think we should do and just be ourselves.

“Just showcase yourself.” — Josh

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