Andy Dane Carter is a badass agent and serial entrepreneur who is the proud owner of a marriage, business, and life that is on fire.

In this episode, Andy takes us behind the scenes into his personal story, detailing how he went from teaching yoga, raising triathlons, and being a burnt out sommelier to finding his path in real estate. We discuss where Andy gets his power from, how he went all-in on being a media company, and how his family fuels the success of his business.

“That’s what makes badass agents: being able to own ALL aspects of your life.” — A.Z.

Topic #1: Learning By Investing in the Truth & Yourself

  • Andy outlines the importance of truth in business, and how it lends itself to improving all aspects of our lives.
  • Andy details how he first got into real estate, jumping into all areas of the business so he could work straight with investors and bring them value directly.
  • Andy and AZ discuss the immense anxiety that goes along with feeling left behind and Andy’s eventual decision to go all-in on marketing.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you start with. It’s all about how many deals you can acquire.” — Andy

Topic #2: How To Build A Real Estate Empire

  • Andy and AZ break down the importance of being a media company in business today, proclaiming how “there is no reason you cannot dominate your zip code.”
  • Andy describes personal branding’s role in business today, citing the practice as a digital version of your work, code of ethics, and business card.
  • AZ talks about battling his own fears and objections and just putting himself out there, revealing the power of speaking your truth in marketing.

“You can be your own media company if you have a smartphone.” — Andy

Topic #3: The Effects of Family Life on Business

  • Andy recounts how going to war for his family all came back to self-worth, and how his battle got him back to a place of real fire and passion in his life.
  • Andy comes to the realization that being solid at home is what fuels the success of his business, mentioning how little daily shifts can ladder up to a huge impact.
  • The guys leave us with a little parting wisdom, including unlocking a new belief system and leaving the whole planet better off than how they found it.

“I went to war for my wife. I went to war for my family.” — Andy

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