Jesse Abarca is another badass agent living in Arizona who’s about to triple his business this year. He believes in powerfully being yourself and owning up to your story in order to attract the right people.

In this episode, Jesse takes us deep into his life’s story, recounting how he had to destroy everything in order to finally recognize one simple thing: the need to be in an environment that could best serve him. This “chess player who volunteered for infantry” has since developed the killer mindset needed for success, and we’re happy to share his amazing story with you here.

“When your body is operating at a peak level, your mindset follows that.” — Jesse

Topic #1

Investing In Your Health & Embracing Constant Change

  • Jesse kicks things off by recounting his Ironman training, citing anticipation for an event in mid-November that includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run.
  • AZ and Jesse discuss what it takes to get to a point where you’re ready to compete at that level (to participate in an Ironman challenge), physically and mentally.
  • The two talk about what makes people badass, outside of just real estate, and how pain and suffering gives you added clarity, focus, and momentum in your work.

“It really is an investment. It’s taking care of your health—taking care of your body—and it’s priceless.” — Jesse

Topic #2

Delivering For Yourself & The Ones You Love Most

  • Jesse comments on how reading and being “an avid chess player” taught him to be a better person and to think strategically, recounting time spent in a 6th grade chess club.
  • AZ mentions how if you’re able to deliver for yourself and the ones you love most, there’s no question you’re going to deliver for your client base.
  • Jesse discusses time spent in the marines, including a 7-month deployment to Iraq, and how he wanted to be a part of something bigger than just himself.

“I was the most inconsistent person. My word meant nothing. Now, my word to myself is the most important thing.” — Jesse

Topic #3

How To Live A Life On Fire

  • AZ and Jesse cite Jesse’s ability to own his personal story as the reason for his continual success, mentioning how marketing and personal branding have changed.
  • Jesse tells the heartbreaking story of how he lost both his parents in an auto accident at the age of 12, and how it has completely shaped the person he is today.
  • Jesse leaves us all with some impactful closing advice, detailing how agents owe it to themselves and their families to have a conversation with Carla and AZ.

“When you have nothing to hide and you enter a room, you’re the single most powerful person in that room.” — Jesse

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