Ruben Luna is a top producing badass agent in Arizona. Craig started with zero knowledge about real estate and put it all on the line to win. He attributes his success to his athletic strengths, personal life, and genuine personality.

In this episode, Ruben and AZ deep dive on their experience during the 2007 Market Crash and how they learned a lot from that adversity and used all the learnings to keep on hustling and performing up to these days. They also talked about the importance of creating a good habit for your business to thrive and get the steady flow of closed deals. Lastly, they also tackled the importance of involving the people around you in achieving your goals, the importance of communicating to them your goals so you will all be involved in the process.

Whenever you are setting goals for sales. You got to have numbers that you are striving for.
– A.Z.

Topic #1

The Market Crash of 2007

  • AZ shared their earliest day in the AZ office. Him being agent 001 and Ruben being agent 002. They reminisce their modest beginning starting out the real estate office. AZ shared their deep connection being their families stay connected.
  • The Market Crash of 2007: No Buyers and no sellers. Their darkest time. AZ doing all the marketing stuff, flyers, radio, television, newspaper, magazine and a move-in truck for advertising.
  • How AZ and Ruben were meant to meet in the gym during that time because they both need assurance that everything will be back to normal again. Ruben shared that it was a painful experience for him, for he had to go through his savings
  • How they made a game out of it and was able to strategize on the deals they can get and close.
  • Goal is 1 escrow a day.

“You’ve got to be very aggressive, very creative and just know you can deliver not just for yourself but for your client and for the seller.” – Ruben

Topic #2   

The Conditioning Process

  • They have to look at what they talked about. Living too much in the past or living too much in the future. They have to appreciate the past even though it was painful.  All that pain that they felt and the reinforcement of what it’s going to take to survive in this business. They were there and there was no question about it.  They were just going to make something happen.
  • The odds are against them and the mark is not that great, the commissions are down the toilet. Ruben remembered he used to print out every new listing out there and start just calling people   and just start showing properties left and right. And give multiple offers on everything.

It’s very simple to lose your family. And the last thing I want is to have some other guy raise my daughters.
– Ruben

Topic #3

The Epitome of being a Family Man

  • As a family man, you have to maintain your relationship not just to your kids but most importantly with your wife. Being connected just do not happen by accident. It takes hard work and communication to maintain it.
  • Ruben doesn’t believe in arguments .Growing up, he see arguments left and right. So the last thing he wanted to have is an argument within my household. He mentioned the need to be very intentional about things to get the family bonded.
  • Ruben and his wife reach the greater level of their relationship by using their growing pains even if they separated for a while. When he was acting reckless and he was just doing whatever the heck he wanted. Ruben was glad his wife stuck with him during those hard times.

“If you do not see results, you continue making those calls, continue doing hopping houses, you continue delivering flyers not until you can earn your days off that is when you can take a rest.”- Ruben

Topic #4

Ruben’s 3 Advices for New Real Estate Agents

  • Join AZ + Associates.
  • Create a good routine. A lot of times we get into this business thinking that we can just take a day off, or you know take it easy on a day and not do your actions that you’re supposed to be doing on a consistent basis. Not until you can earn your days off that’s when you can take a rest. But for newer agents, you just cannot afford to do that because that’s when you’re going to create bad habits and five years from now guess what’s going to happen you’re going to be in the same spot because you never created those habits.
  • Involve your family in the things that need to happen to achieve that goal, not just for yourself but also for those people around you. When everybody is on the same page, things are going to be a lot easier.

Closing Thoughts

  • At different stages of our life, we are all going to face some sort of serious adversity whether we like it or not. The adversity will come when you least expect it so knowing how to deal with it is key. Use the learning from that adversity so you can serve other people better and perform greater.

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