Craig Morton is a real estate agent for AZ & Associates Group. Craig started with zero knowledge about real estate and put it all on the line to win. He attributes his success to his athletic strengths, personal life, and genuine personality.

In this episode, Craig breaks down exactly how he was able to become so successful in his business and shares the number one source for generating new leads. He will also talk about the difficult obstacles he has had to overcome and will share how you can be successful in anything you want. Find out why you are failing and take your business to the next level!

I start my day with a win.

– Craig

Topic #1

Systems and processes for getting started as an agent

Craig talks about his career at AZ & Associates Real Estate Group. He looked back at how his life changed since he joined the team. They talked how a lot of agents will able to take with them a few points that Craig talked about that will radically shift their mindset about real estate and how they can operate in their power in a consistent basis so that they can sell $16-$17 Million a year.

He talked about how system and process is one of the biggest things he learned when he came to AZ & Associates. Just making a list of the things he had to do every day as an agent was very helpful.

Consistency, habits is a conditioning process. As minor as fixing your bed in the morning will help you have a win to start the day.

You’ve got to find the best part, the solid part that you really love about yourself. And try to figure out how to incorporate that mindset into your relationship.

– Craig

Topic #2   

Correlation of being an athlete and integrating it to business

Craig shared his experience as an athlete, an Ironman, a Boston marathon runner and pushing with a little bit of more.

As an athlete, if he says he is going to run 20 miles. He is going to run 20 miles. He does what he is going to do even when it comes to he workouts. This is how he incorporates that mindset to his actions by being very intentional of the decisions that he is making.

One of the events that conditioned Craig was being exposed to Taekwondo at a very young age and his goal of getting a black belt. The double edge sword of parenting that his parents were accountable for his goal to achieve that black belt.

All these challenges, obstacles and tragedies that come our way have really good lessons. And you come up greater in the other side when you allow yourself to just move forward and move on.

– A.Z.

Topic #3   

Correlating personal pains to succeed in business

  • Craig shared the scenario when his father got cancer and passed away. The point where he had to manage their general contracting business.
  • That devastation and pain that they felt when he lost his father and impacted the business in terms of management.

If you decide that you are going to be great in real estate, then you go and figure out the different steps that you need to do.

– A.Z.